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breathe & dream under water
connecting with the elder witches
confort zone
we don't call 911
when i grow up i wanna be ghost
just to get back to this time
to protect myself from "today"
sick of workin'
music is my home and you are always welcome
sleeping without
we are the passengers in every dimensions
reality is a funny thing
would you jump in to city from ocean reefs?
the kiss
hug me and my dreams
let's play!
wanna have fun all the time
attack on gods
on the road to heaven
albino happens when you are too lazy to work on
take your demon for walk
hybrid cerberus
i just wanna rule the underworld
but i didn't mean this
"subway stories"
fight against humanity
  • o
what's happening in my head & in my life

this project is basically about me
how i feel
how i live
and what i dream about

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Gonca Basciftci
illustrations graphic an fashion design ─░stanbul, Turkey