Split - “Is it gravity puling us apart? Or is it gravity holding us together?” Split 2004 Idea. Split is a chair that invites you into a conversation. The idea behind it is to link people together in a situation where they all become an imported part gathered around an object. We would like to see it as an extension to “ invite someone to sit on your lap”. The person sitting in the middle has an important roll as the centre character. His sitting position is a little lower comparing to the others. But the same time the two others have to trust in either there own balance or in the centre character to not fall of the stools.
airman - Laughing makes life worth living. Allow your self to go crazy and become a superhero. In a world where most things are predictable we sometimes need to break out, give in or just simply spin off the potentially dangerous route towards eternal boredom. Improving life is about getting the best out of it. Airman gets you in good physical shape and stretches cupids bow for any period of time. Please note, that there are no certainties for a successful laughing experience, however tests on “normal” people have shown a very high rate of 99% amusement among all testies.
Siamese twin - Extended communication. A table and a seat on the floor. It is about confidence. A social- furniture where you have to rely on another person. The set places its users in a position where they can communicate.
spike - When a ritual of destroying becomes a joy. In today's society we have to recycle every paper we use. The best way to storage paper is in straight rackets, and not as a crumpled pile. The spike is an example of a paper bin where you still have the ritual of destruction when you trash, and still keep you paper in minimum of space
glow glorious - Table lamp The expression creates the impression. The power core underlines the impression of the wrong side out of the lamp.