Wooden earrings made using scraped wood. Two different types of wood were used to make these earrings, and glued together for a strong hold. There is a sealant that was applied to them as well to ensure that the pieces stay together. A lot of time went into sanding the wood so that the pair are the exact same and no scratches or nicks can be found on the wood itself. The inspiration behind making these came from a similar set of earrings my grandfather made for my mom. These are my first set of homemade earrings and can be purchased on esty.com. URL: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77765274/wooden-earring-long
Next For Beauty Bev Came a necklace. The wood burned dashes, seen on the sides of the wooden triangle beads, add detailing and convey the bark of a tree that the wood was once part of. Each bead is tied, using brown thread, to the wire that keeps the circular form of the necklace. The use of wire was also purposeful so that the triangles would keep flat, not fipping, and stay to their origninal position. Again, two different types of wood were used to make the necklace.
Beauty Bev Earings

Wooden jewelry. Wooden works hobby.

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Grace Bresenham
Student at Savannah College of Art and Design Madison, WI