The Board: This Long board was made by gluing two pieces of Baltic birch plywood. I decided to bow the board so that when you stood on the board it would be flat or parallel to the ground. I kept a simple board design (identical rounded tips) and bought smooth ridding wheels and trucks to go on the board. All that was left was the design, this would go on the underside of the board... The Design: I was set on woodburning my final design. Starting off with with the logo I created for myself, I simply expanded off that. It was a process to make sure the logo and the geometric elements fit together. I created a sense of flow to give movement to the static simplistic shapes. Choosing this design to be woodburned onto the board made for both person and imperfection. When looking at the work up close, you can feel and see the time and work I put into each line. My logo served as the main inspiration for the design.
A derivative of my logo that would be incorporated to the final design.
The final design.
Making the board.
After the wheels and trucks were removed form the board, the design was printed backwards and full size. Then a graphite transfer was done so that the design was on the board and ready to be burned.
The wood-burning station.
Wood-Burned Longboard.

A handmade longboard with wood burned design.

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Grace Bresenham
Student at Savannah College of Art and Design Madison, WI