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Haus House

In most homes with young children, the living room is also a play room. Rather than add more to the living room to accommodate children, I wanted to create furniture that spoke both to children and their parents. The Table-House is a coffee table that features a partitioned cavity. The table cavity can be used to store art supplies, books, or toys, or, with a series of doorways, it can also be a dollhouse or a space station! The table is intended to continue to be a functional piece of furniture both with children, and after they've grown. I built it from Baltic plywood; the base is removable for transport, and it's sturdy enough to support children sitting on it! All edges are beveled to reduce impact when toddlers crash into it (this has been tested...)

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Graeme Wagoner
Industrial Designer - Softgoods Seattle, WA