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Based on user research, we added features like a belt loop on the side that both trapped a trekking pole under the compression strap, but also acted as a central locking point for both the side and main zippers.
Early sketch exploration.
To get a better sense of patterning issues, I built a PE foam buck and used masking tape to build initial patterns for a first sample.
I worked with our color team to best utilize the palette, while simultaneously making certain that colors and materials were used enough to hit minimum order quantities from the mill.
REI Ruckpack Adventure Travel Packs

For 2020 we wanted to update a successful collection of adventure packs by both responding to feedback from consumers and introducing meaningful sustainable attributes to the collection.
This collection is all about versatility, at home in a foreign country, on a trail, through the airport, and on the commute, Ruckpacks are all about building trust with the user. Exteriors are spare to streamline through crowds and be easy to maintain; belt loops on the sides allow users to lock 3 zippers with a single lock, and the harness and fit come from years of development of backpacking packs. Best of all, we were able to use recycled nylon on the exterior, and the packs are bluesign certified.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Graeme Wagoner
Industrial Designer - Softgoods Seattle, WA