Audi Ur-Quattro - playing with Procreate tools
Car Sketches - Rough sketches with a touch of PS. Because you can only draw bicycle seats for so long.
Two Ferraris - My two favorite Italians. Quick sketches with a dash of PS.
Firefly Bike Saddle Sketches - Rough sketches focused on the saddle of the Firefly concept.
Footwear Ideation - Thinking through a lace-less running shoe concept.
Sketches for a ridable toy - These are some early sketches for ridable animal furniture that could be put together and customized by children.
Casual Cycling Footwear Sketches - Quick sketches for a commuter cycling shoe.
Lacrosse Elbow Pads - Old sketches from a Brine project.
Lacrosse head sketches - Old sketches from a Brine project. Lacrosse heads for a youth set up.
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Graeme Wagoner
Industrial Designer - Softgoods Seattle, WA