DeRoyal’s original product demanded frequent refilling with ice, through a restrictive opening. Injured patients were expected to lift and turn the unit upside-down when emptying used water. Sustainability was also an issue, with the PU insulation originally being permanently sandwiched between two blow-moulded parts.
Considering the target audience, the final design was given a more familiar form (an American ‘cooler’ or ice box). Improvements included: the largest possible opening for refilling; a water drainage spout, and removable EPS insulation. All held together with standard fasteners.
Exploded view, with partial cutaways.
A full detailed drawing pack was produced for this project.
Engineering details of the ‘telemetry plate’ moulding.
Halfway through the pilot production.
Pilot production complete, ready for shipping and validation.
Product sales page. The client was responsible for decals and branding.
Cold Therapy Unit

Improving the patient experience during self-directed aftercare.

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Grant Riley
Founder of Think Refine Salisbury, United Kingdom