The final product
A typical user group in this product category
Existing punches are often used with heavy card, requiring high operation forces from the user
Paper jams are frequent with this design, relying solely on a spring to release itself from the paper
Early sketch exploration of possible mechanisms
Engineering test rig, built to evaluate different gear diameters
Testing the engineering prototype with heavy card - success!
Style exploration sketches
The finished product; zinc die cast chassis, with an injection moulded enclosure
Both variants of the final product, standalone and 'border system'
New gears in action!
Top cover and arm removed to show mechanical details
Four separate zinc die castings
Out in China for tooling trials
The first castings, hot out of the mould tool
First production run, chassis parts stacking up
After casting, excess flash is removed accurately through a succession of grinding operations
Final hand assembly, where injection moulded parts meet the die castings and other steel components
The China engineering team!
The punches are available in a range of different shapes, indicated by the print detail on top
Final packaging and branding
Geared Paper Punch

Improving the user experience of a decorative paper punch.

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Grant Riley
Founder of Think Refine Salisbury, United Kingdom