Vileda’s market research has shown a strong tendency toward cleanliness and organisation amongst it’s German customers. Users will often collapse their rotary clothes dryer and protect it with an aftermarket cover. Competitor products offer an integrated protective cover, Vileda aspired to match that functionality.
A few rough ideation sketches, from an initial client meeting. All the obvious methods of integrating a protective cover into the product had been heavily patented by competitors - there were tight constraints on technical execution.
Exploded view of the mechanical assembly, excluding the fabric cover. This unit was designed to be retrofitted to an existing product in the Czech Republic.
Engineering documentation for the ‘pull-down’ moulding.
Pull-cord collapse of the rotary dryer.
Final product in action.
Protection for a Rotary Dryer

Adding new features to an existing product line.

Grant Riley
Founder of Think Refine Salisbury, United Kingdom