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Vectalia STREAT

The concept of an autonomous bus was developed in cooperation with and for the mobile service provider „Vectalia“
The inspiration for the design of the bus comes from a carriage. I wanted to create a feeling of beeing chauffeured in a special way with an unique exterior and interior. This everyday public transportation, should also combine multiple purposes, like air cleaning and a mobile packing station. Although complex requirements, the exterior design should be still slik and understandable, without clustering all the elements too much. Even the big side windows are tinted in body color for clean look and optimum privacy feeling.

There is a two color scheme, differentiating the big silver grey side panels and the dark middle structure. It provides high contrast and good visibility in traffic without using bright colors.
The hood contains an airbag in case of an unavoidable pedestrian collision and consists of a soft structure in the front for soft collisions.

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Andreas Grasmück
Industrial Designer Berlin, Germany