Illustration was done by Ryan Lee.
This campaign was for Navy to get African Americans to join the Navy.

Copy reads: You are looking for a way to better yourself in more ways that one and you aspire to be part of something truly significant. With the U.S navy, you learn, honor, responsibility and best of all, the means and the skills to better your self. Gain experiences that you will never get anywhere else. Find the person in you, and be the person you want to be.
I translated one ad in Spanish:
Usted esta buscando una manera de mejorarse de mas maneras que una. Y tu aspira de ser parte de algo verdaderamente significativo. Con los E.E.U.U. Marina, usted aprendera honor, resoponsabilidad y mejor de todo, tu aprendes habilidades que te ayudan a mejorar te tu solo. Gane las experiencias que usted nunca conseguuirs en cualquier otro lugar. Encuentra la persona en usted, y sea la persona que usted desea ser.


Glenda Reeves
Art Director Miami, FL