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Atmos Helmet

Atmos was my first helmet as mechanical lead, and a huge learning experience for me on all levels. One challenge was that Marketing wanted no visible strap anchor attachments. We decided to try in-molding the strapping in the EPS forming process. The webbing would see all the heat, pressure and steam of that process.
We tried stuffing the webbing into a tube, winding it, packing it…and it came out crinkled and kinked. I remember standing around a table with the vender engineers wracking our brains until I hit upon the idea that if each molecule of the webbing saw the same experience the webbing as a whole would come out unscathed despite being hot and wet. So we cut a groove around the perimeter of the tool and the operators carefully threaded the webbing lengths around the tool, basically unfolded. It was the solution. My lasting impression from the experience was that you just need to go there and work it out at the factory. I’ve been doing that ever since.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA