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BELL Super Helmet

The Super is a recent top seller for Bell at a critical time for the brand to grow and reclaim its former stature as a major player in the mountain scene. I was the mechanical workhorse behind it, and with Industrial Designer Scott Allen I did all the CAD, scaling to sizes, development of the various components; aesthetic or mechanical or both, to see Scott's vision to production. But this was a difficult project given the timeline we started with. One particular challenge was the brow mesh component. This part is directly under the riders forehead and is designed to keep and preserve the air flow that goes up the channels along the brow providing cool air to flow up the front of the head. Scott wanted to see no sign of attachment. I spent weeks in China at the vender trying glues, tapes everything we could think of...and failed to deliver. We ended up using rivets to hold the part down. It was a compromise but that sometimes happens. .

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA