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Lars Boom winning that rainy stage at the Tour De France...big moment for me also.
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Bell Star Pro Aerodynamic Helmet

The Star Pro is an aerodynamic helmet which is well ventilated until the user shuts off the venting and reducing drag. Marketing called upon me to design an aerodynamic helmet which would put Bell on the Aerodynamic map. At the start of it all I found my knowledge of aerodynamics to be very slight so I built a small wind tunnel and logged many hours testing and improving on prototype designs. I found to my great surprise that all the traditional assumptions people have about helmets are actually not so close to the truth. Big vents in the front of a helmet don't do all you might expect, with regard to air flow. Anyway, Dan Cram finalized the skin of this one with his ID genius and combined with a whole lot of love and work from everyone in the R&D department and all that marketing research which was done we got it to the Tour of California, then the Tour de France. A big moment for me when Lars Boom took stage 5 in the TDF and a huge win for Bell.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA