Bell XR Spherical Helmet, front side view
Bell XR Spherical Helmet, rear view
Bell XR Spherical, side view
Cad view 1, upper body in turquoise, lower body in magenta.
Cad view 2, fit system mounting method and internal channeling.
Cad view 3, upper body in transparency.
Cad view 4, both bodies in transparency. Internal components visible.
Bell XR Spherical Helmet

XR Spherical
Industrial Design by Tony Ton. Tony left the company mid way through the preliminary design phase.
My Role: I took on the completion of the industrial design. The final shape and contours were dialed by me but the design is Tony's. Some aspects changed slightly due to mechanical necessity or revision after group design review.
All plastic components aside from the fit system, buckles and webbing adjustors were done ground up, Polycarbonate Cap design, padding design, strap anchor system, fit system belt, were done by me.
Heads up to the Far East Bell Team for their work at the Factory and for the Graphics Team for nailing the cap colorways.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA