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This multi-body helmet has higher density EPS foam on the top, lower on the bottom. It has the first integrated MIPS low friction layer fit system. This particular shot shows the high reflective graphics developed by Bell Graphics Artists
From the rear you see the open nature of the helmet, air able to pass through the body, distinguishing it as a high end road helmet. Attention to detail from the whole team is also visible in this view; fit system, logo strapping etc.
Integrated MIPS means the low friction layer which promotes rotation of the helmet during impact is fitted directly into the fit system gear system. Here also you can see a well thought out padding method and the sweat management; simply adding a tongue of foam onto the brow...seriously, the sweat drips down in from of your sun glasses, not onto the lenses...it really works.
Here is a shot of the dual body construction.
This shot taken in the shop in Scotts Valley CA is on the table of Hilgard Muller. He worked over my initial 3D print, adding his unique style, then we white light scanned it and reworked the CAD prior to tooling release.
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Bell Zephyr Helmet

This helmet was Bell's main effort to retake some ground in the road helmet market. The two-body, dual density construction was my invention presented to the design group but only in a crude form. It was Industrial Designer Hilgard Muller who gave it its beautiful final shape. But this helmet was really a team effort and we covered all the bases.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA