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Ionos Helmet

It was a long time ago, but the Giro Marketing team was under the impression that the more composites you have in a helmet, the lighter it became. Actually, the fibers in composites, the carbon or glass tows, even Kevlar weaves, are super light. It is the resin which weighs a lot. Having used the thermoplastic method for forming our composites on the Atmos, we tried the same on the Ionos but on a much larger scale.
Ultimately we were successful butwe had issues with EPS beads on the cosmetic surfaces of the composites, which are partially encapsulated by expanding polystyrene during molding. I pitched my tent at the factory. Turns out the CAD formed composite tools made parts which did fit as perfectly as we hoped. So I used the actual EPS cavities to scan/copy and create the new tools. I don’t think the scrape rate in production was ever nil, but I never got called back to fix things. The project made me strongly consider keeping things simple in the future.

Comments (1)
  • I love that top image. Nice work on these Gregg!

    6 years ago

  • I love that top image. Nice work on these Gregg!

    6 years ago

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA