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Omen Snow Helmet

The Omen is my first snow helmet. Marketing briefed a vent shut off system to keep out the cold or let the heat out. My first "Sliders" covered all vents but when sales samples were due, I realized they did not work as planned. My shop cohorts and I spent a long time retrofitting a few hundred sales samples so the reps would have working sliders. The "Ahhhh" factor achieved I found little time to completely revise the design that would get the project into production. Fortunately for me, the new sliders worked but the risk was not reasonable. We could have put a few samples inside glass cases for the trade shows and I could have focused and generated more confidence for the production version. But we were blind sided by another issue entirely. The helmet rattled like a snake...not a mistake I will soon make again, but at the time it was off to China once more.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA