Landing page for a site that shows people how to make money with IFWs (Incentive Freebie Websites) Site Design and Concept - A site which allows you to easily search to see if TLD (Top Level Domains) are available for your keyword and allows you to immediately purchase the site and hosting. Also suggests other hot domains that may currently be available.
Experience Austin Poster website concept, design and execution - Website created to sell off the extra poster designs, which were funded by successful pledges. I conceptualized, designed and laid it out using HTML/CSS/JQuery. The site involved setting up a Google Shopping Cart account as well as implementing an Autoresponder/Email Marketing platform via MailChimp. - Wordpress theme for my personal blog - Flash splash opt-in page for - CSS site design for a Networking Marketing referral signup page website banner - Enhancement of previous web banner for a high-traffic blog
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Future space of my Internet Marketing blog. Right now this is just a landing page to capture leads and build my list, but eventually it will be my platform for sharing all the knowledge I know about Internet Marketing.
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How To Build An Email List From Scratch
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Greg Jeffries
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