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Fyra Experience

Fyra is the new high speed train connecting Brussels to Amsterdam in 2 hours and 1 minute, 10 times a day, there and back again.

• The concept will use interactive video stories to connect with users via the website.
• The user will get to know 4 different travelers, each with different reasons for making their journey: Business, day trip, vacation, shopping.
• The user will be able to choose 1 story and then switch characters within it to get wider experience.
• Each story starts with the one of the characters getting ready to make their way to the train station in their respective city.
• Users can change the point of view from one character to the next in these interactive scenes.
• Each perspective shows a new way Fyra enriches the time spent traveling to inspiring places.
• The website user can experience the pleasure of traveling with Fyra, through the experiences of the characters.
• The characters are all connect to each other during their adventure on-board the train.

Abraham Gonzalez
User Experience Designer Eindhoven, Netherlands