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Durevole - This coffee table is the result of a furniture design project. My primary objectives were to create a sleek elegant look that would last for decades, use zero mechanical fasteners, and to source out sustainable locally harvested wood. I succeeded in all three areas. The wood is spalted wormhole maple and walnut.
Durevole - The joinery here is all friction finger joints. Figuring out how to cut finger joints at angles proved to be a little bit of a task, but the solution was easier than I was attempting to make it.
Durevole - The joints for the legs are simple mortise and tenon joints which create subtle, yet eye catching accents.
Durevole - The grain patterns are wonderfully intriguing.
Durevole - Using a consistent 15 degree angle created harmony and balance, giving an overall wholeness to the seperate pieces.
This pic may be a little washed, but it does give a nice view of the interior storage space.
Durevole - Just another view of the enclosed storage area.
Chad Griffith
Product Designer at GameTime Auburn, AL