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Pointillism Lionfish
Quick take on the classic Monaco poster form 1931
Anatomy of a Shadow Bunny
Chewie on Hoth
Yawning Jaguar
Markia hystrix
Glaucus Atlanticus, awesome nutibranch
Terrapin Station
I wish we had airships
James Theopane inspired
Halloween and robots
My backpack's got jets
Dragon fly at sunset
Quick tree frog
They mostly come at night... mostly
Just a monster
Fly Apartment
Veins and muscles,
Its a pumpkin Charlie Brown, Thanksgiving time
Inspired by the Redbull Space jump
Deep ocean Jello
Sad little Stitch
Dogfight, not the Michael Vic type
Banana bubbly
A PCR is a Product Change Request, and can be a real pain in the derriere
Quick futuristic sketch
Mountain Moonlight
Zombie Freakin Mushroom!!!
My interpritation ofCrappy lobby art from the 90's
Split decisions
A little nightmare
Post-it Note Drawings

A series of drawings done on Post-it notes. A little break from work during the day. Some of them are themed, some are inspired, and others are just random.

Chad Griffith
Product Designer at GameTime Auburn, AL