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You don't wear the Lalabu baby carrier on top of your clothes - it is your clothes.
Some early sketches. This direction was abandoned because it was too complex and technical.
The final direction. It's essentially a nursing shirt with a pouch in the front. So simple, yet so revolutionary.
Some early handmade prototypes. Crude, but they work.
Partnering with a factory in California for pattern development and sampling. They work with some of the biggest clients in the yoga and outdoor industries.
We turned to Indiegogo to help us pay for the first production order. We surpassed our goal of $15k by twenty percent!
Along with the product design, I also created our branding and logo. The U holds a baby. This logo is strong enough to stand on its own and subtle enough to be combined with the wordmark.
Baby blue (get it?) is our corporate color and Gotham font gives us a clean look unique in this market segment.
We want Lalabu to improve women’s lives, so we give one day each week to work with organizations in Atlanta that assist women getting out of the sex trade industry. We also give one dollar from each sale to a microfinance institution in Africa.
The design of the website (www.lalabu.com) has to walk a fine line between being informative and being an effective tool for sales conversions. This is a mockup that shows the simple navigation and clean layout.
Here's how you put your baby into a Lalabu carrier. It's a baby carrier when you need it and a tank top when you don't.
Photography that shows how it fits into a modern mom's active lifestyle. You can wear it by itself or layer it with your favorite top.
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Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Lalabu is the company I co-founded in 2010. Our first product is a radically simple way to carry and soothe your baby. Unlike other products in this space, ours isn’t designed to be worn on top of clothing - it is clothing.

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Garrett Simmer
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA