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Sketches that highlight the patented "sound scoops" - this feature redirects the sound toward you, so movies and games become more enjoyable.
Some exploration around the buttons. We settled on cantilevered plastic buttons for a seamless look.
The inside surface of the case became a canvas. When the customer unboxes it for the first time, they're greeted with a fun pattern. The design at bottom left was chosen for production.
The final sketch shows how the phone fits into the case. Many of the design details like the chamfered edges, logo placement, and interior pattern became part of Case-Mate's overall brand language.
A Keyshot render to show a few fun colors.
The color exploration was driven by trend research (think neon athletic gear) and customer feedback.
The production case.
The production case.
The production case.
The production case.
The production case.
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Pop Radio for iPhone 4

It's a problem most people don't even think about. The iPhone's speakers direct sound away from you. Wouldn't it be nice if a case fixed that? The team at Case-Mate thought so too.

Garrett Simmer
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA