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be simple.
Analyzing the current packaging of honey, you realize that one of the biggest difficulties that brings a pack of honey, is to be able to extract all of its contents without loss, buildup or dryness of the same, and in many cases, do not have a place appropriate to hold the utensil used for direct contact with food (spoons, rods for honey, etc.). generating loss product, is used to wash the cutlery or place it on a surface, "dirtying it." In other instances the food is accommodated in the corners of the package, which also generates some loss when the package is not malleable.
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Tubee - Honey packaging

A simple project designed to SEBRAE-2012 Awards and for visualisation experience.
Ideations by Felipe Minutti, Guilherme Colosio e Guilherme Lopes
identity by Felipe Minutti
Sketchs, Visualisation and 3D by Guilherme Lopes Pedro

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Guilherme Lopes Pedro
Profissional de Design Bauru, Brazil