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Brief given to us my Clippasafe to update their original door and draw locking product.

The solution had to be cheap, have a visible on/off function and keep children out.

Renders done in Hypershot: Bunkspeed.

A full manufacturing report was done to work out the cost/unit.
The flag is displayed on the outside of each draw showing that the draw is locked. No visible flag then the draw is accessible.
The single red component slides over the fixed mounting point (adhesively glued to draw). The flag then wraps around any draw or cupboard door. When the draw or cupboard is closed it latches over the hook mounted inside the unit (also adhesively mounted).
Small, simple and effective solution to client's requirements.

Total assembly cost of £0.17p including production, material and 8 cavity tooling costs.
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Clippasafe Project - 3rd Year

Live 6 project for Clippsafe to improve their existing child draw locking tool. Full DFM completed along with costings.

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Guy Cowdry
Design Engineer at Dyson Bristol, United Kingdom