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RUGiD - Holiday Security design project.

Briefed to produce an affordable device to improve security for british holiday makers.

The solution is RUGiD. An IP67 SOS Alert and Vital Data System.

The iD stands for iDentity and iDentify
Operation - Identity - the device has an RF chip which is linked wirelessly to an online secure data vault. There you can store your personal data, medical records, emergency contacts and travel itinerary.

When you travel around the globe a unique RF scanner at hotels and airports allows for wireless check-in. Any lost details can be retrieved.

All data is password and photo protected.
Operation - Identify - Activation of the device turns it on and your location is constantly updated to your emergency contacts every 30 minutes using GPS positioning and the GSM network.
SOS activation constantly updates your position and the GEOS International Emergency Response centre is notified. They can then establish the situation with previously stored data and send emergency services if required!

It is attached to a person with a uniquely designed clip. Not disclosed due to confidentiality.
Detail - A full CAD model was created including all circuit components down to the wiring of switches as well as nuts, bolts and washers. Fully drafted ready for tooling.

The device works around a GPS GSM module that is cost effective yet accurate. Your location can be obtained and sent via the ever growing mobile network.
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RUGiD - 3rd Year

A unique GPS emergency device that allows vital people to follow your location as well as you to broadcast emergency and warning signals should you get into trouble.

Design focused around product robustness, user interaction and ergonomics. DFM, costings and materials all fully considered for mass production.

Uses a unique clip design which is currently being investigated for mass manufacture by a 3rd party. Hence why it is not disclosed here.

Guy Cowdry
Design Engineer at Dyson Bristol, United Kingdom