Seism - Seism is a tool used to design and edit video game scenarios and other interactive applications. It is based on a system of three-dimensional representation and does not require any knowledge in programming.
Phokus - Phokus is a gradual interface system indented for people who are not computer literate. Each person thus creates their own universe which evolves based on their level of knowledge and usage of the program.
NOD (News On Demand) - NOD (News On Demand) is a service designed for Orange, which had for objective to distance itself from its competitors during the launch of its TV service. This tool allows the user to gather information by navigating an interface which measures topics in the media based on popularity at a certain point in time. In this way, it is easy to identify breaking news and control the impact and the life cycle of this information.
Cosmo - Cosmo is a simple and user-friendly interface. It is a search engine that has its links in the periphery of a circle, which allows a complete visualization of the database.
AWI (Audio Wave Interaction) - AWI (Audio Wave Interaction) is a real time vjing application developed with Virtools. By adding a special plug-in it becomes possible to analyze in real time the sound spectrum, music is what controls the application. Visually, we obtain an image that matches perfectly with sound. In 2008, AWI was awarded the Prize for Innovation at the at the prestigious 3D3 International Competition.
My little Big World - My little big world is a service which offers users the possibility to create their own avatar. This creation will accompany its owner, paralleling their daily life on their telephone screen. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, these avatars can meet each other by traveling to the screens of other users.
Shared Space, sound enhanced environment - "Shared Space" is a tool that allows scenographers to create virtual sound spheres in any space in a museum. This new experience offers the public the possibility to merge more deeply with works of art. While wearing headphones, the visitor is at the center of every sound. Depending on their location in the museum, the visitor can focus on a specific sound, story, or sound texture. In this way, senses other than sight, may be aroused and stimulated.
Hand Gesture Interface - My first interactive application reacts to gestures. This "mix and match" installation has been created to help users create differents fashion combinations but I can easiliy adapt it for different brands, product categories, museum, exhibitions, or really any configuration where non-physical contact is needed. Right now, the application can detect movements in any direction but also accelerations of movement, which can have impacts on sound output.
Interaction Design
Nicolas Guyon
Interaction Designer Shanghai, China