DOTTIE - A feral vampire girl who can only speak in growls and hisses; Midge's roomie. Unemployed and looking for work.
MIDGE - A cynical, grumpy student with a liking for napping and complaining.
JULIA - A ghost girl with a creepy, Victorian set of ideals, She's shy and obsessed with finding love, but does so in a manner that stretches from unsettling to illegal.
JUNE - A awkward spider girl who really likes comics and wants to be an illustrator; her favorite superhero comic is Ultra Spider: The Man with 88 Legs
COURTNEY - A zombie girl working as a beauty consultant; her rotting flesh doesn't stop her from making sure she looks amazing 24/7.
Monster Girls

Character designs for a plot project involving a human girl in dentistry school living in an apartment complex that's only supposed to house monster girls.

Gwen Reilly
Illustrator/Character Designer/Concept Artist/Student Boston, MA