Drop-on traffic bollard - It's a new kind of concept where bollards are now easily to dispense and be placed on road and highways. It just takes simple steps by dropping it from moving vehicles (lorry, vans, pick-up trucks) with any angle and heights, later the cones itself will land on road surface steadily using impact absorb system which designed to be land straight without collapse. This will save time of dropping bollards in present methods where each cones must be arranged and drop nicely and to avoid cones collapse on the road.
Kiosk Designs
Bus-stop concepts - New bus stop concept for big modern city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's a big project co-relation by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur and Pro-Def Co. which involved fibre-glass and acrylic as main material for construction. The new concept means the bus stop itself will fully-build and easily transported from foundry to targeted area by lorry and later bolt down part by part on the sidewalks.
School Projects (2002)
MIMOS Exhibition Booth
MMC Exhibition Booth
FAMA Exhibition Booth
MITI Exhibition Booth
Belleview Group Exhibition Booth
Naza-Italia Ferrari Exhibition
HSBC Malaysia Exhibition Booth
HSBC Communication
MATRADE Exhibition Booth
PRIDE Foundation Communication Design
SENAI Airport Communication
SIEMENS Exhibition Booth
Mercedes Benz
HafidzMoro Moro
HaFidz MoRo Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia