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A Paper Place: Paper Pulp Birdhouse

Birdhouses provide one way for people to welcome wildlife into their own backyard. However, they can also take a real toll on trees depending on how they are hung up. Paperplace is a birdhouse designed to create a positive experience for all parties involved: the bird, the tree, and the viewer. PaperPlace is made from paper pulp, which is a fairly strong material with low manufacturing cost. With a light coat of bees wax, this birdhouse is durable, water resistant, and compostable, creating a very ecofriendly and comfortable place for birds to stay. PaperPlace can be hung up using silicon screw wedges. This alternative form of attachment makes it possible to hang up a new birdhouse in the same place after each season without affecting the tree. PaperPlace is designed to encourage users to enjoy nature in a sustainable and ecofriendly way.