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Cling: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Music is a valuable experience shared throughout the world. It is the soundtrack to life’s happenings, from setting the mood for a fun night out, to creating motivation while cleaning the house. I wanted to design a Bluetooth speaker that was flexible enough to fit the various needs of the ever-growing urban population. Cling is a wireless speaker system that expands and simplifies a user’s musical needs. Cling speakers hold the latest technology of Bluetooth access and wireless charging, creating a very simple and intuitive way for the user to play what they want to hear. This speaker system also benefits from nano-suction tape on one of it’s six sides, making it possible to stick speakers in various places around the home or creating a custom speaker stack. Cling’s aesthetic quality of materials compliments the appealing characteristics and personality that music holds in daily life. Cling speakers have one button, no wires, and multiple possibilities.