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Warm Rays: Laser Cut Lamp

I used to wake up at 6:00 AM as a child on Saturday mornings to watch Bugs Bunny terrorize Elmer Fudd. The living room would be dim besides the glow of cartoons on the television and the warm rays of light shining in from the kitchen, where my dad would be awake with me, making pancakes. The smoke from the stove would billow through the lights beams as I waited to enjoy the cozy meal with him.
This precious memory of mine is full of warmth and nostalgia. I designed this lamp to be an object of tradition with a welcoming coziness, to represent those personal and valued memories of everyone’s life. I based the structure of my lamp off of the long-established lampshade, because of its traditional aspect and form, with the intention of producing a warm and familiar feeling for everyone. I used double-sided Mylar to shade the large bulb underneath, creating a pleasant aura. This lamp is flat packable so you are able to bring that familiar, warm presence easily into any home.