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terra kiln: The Earthen Biochar Kiln

After experiencing the culture of Peru in June of 2014, I was very inspired by the way people lived. They were very self-sufficient, taking advantage of all the natural materials around them through traditional and sustainable practices. I wondered, how could we become more self-sufficient, and create a healthier and more nutrient environment in the U.S. I then came across biochar. Biochar is an extremely beneficial material created by the carbonization of biomass, which cannot only be used as clean, renewable energy, but can also act as a significant soil enhancer.
With a clean and modern aesthetic, Terra Kiln: The Earthen Biochar Kiln is safe, easy-to-use, and takes complete advantage of all organic waste that is produced in a suburban home. Instead of throwing away leftovers in your kitchen, or putting yard waste at the end of your driveway for pick-up, Terra Kiln will turn that waste into something positive and help establish a healthier, more self-sufficient lifestyle.