photoworks renderings for internal use - in production, or just about to be. the idea here was to use the iconic fiskars orange scissorsish handle to entice consumer. twine cutter on top rear of blade was an afterthougt but turned out very useful.
photoworks rendering for internal use - this was part of a project with MIAD. aesthetic is very much non-fiskars. project originally called "weekend warrior line." glad that ended - whew. wacom sketch in lower right was used by my engineer to model in SW
photoworks renderings for internal use - about to hit the shelves...yes it is a saw in the handle! seems sketchy, but it is not. resulted from a consumer concept test. early illustration for idea was very similar to the result shown here.
photoworks renderings for internal use - this is one of those ideas where you see it and say to yourself, "why didn't i think of that?" i did think of that and i say "why not sooner!?!?!" my engineer is responsible for this slighted aesthetic which i totally dig. he built this in SW from a very simple and unshaded wacom sketch.
a bit of process - the sketch in the bakground was made while modeling in SW. as you can see i was solving for the locking mechanism here. foreground is PW rendering of folding saw that is currently in production.
more process - sketch in rear is very early in process. illustrator scale drawings best communicated thought. made a steel prototype but it is long gone. the utility patent i am most proud of on this one. "best post hole digger available today."
photos of multisnip
PW rendering - this is the rear pivot pruner. rendering isn't fantastic but the design is super trick. we refer to it around the office as the "geogia o'keefe pruner." i did all the SW modeling at this point. both handles are the same part at this time. later engineering changed them to separate parts, oh well, it's always more of a challenge to make less parts!! GOOD DESIGN AWARD '08
PW rendering - another shot of the fiskars "geogia o'keefe pruner." GOOD DESIGN AWARD '08
Fiskars rear pivot pruner
finished fiskars concepts
Daniel J. Lipscomb
lead industrial designer fiskars brands, inc. Madison, WI