hand made renshape model - this old, senior thesis material. photo was taken with the help of a model maker i know who rocks at photography. model is still perfectly intact after 11 years!
proof of principal prototype
proof of principal prototype
FDM model - functional - our FDM machine can "insert mold!" or darn close too it. the machine will pause and tell you "hey, time to put the blades and hook in here jack." works sweet - efficiently!
a range of prototypes - top model is cardboard with illustrator print 77'd to it to gutt check size and locking mechanism. inbetween are SLSs and the bottom 2 are castings with hand made blades.
analog and digital 3D concept development of lower price point phd - welded up prototype to demonstrate advantage of concept over existing post hole diggers. solidworks model for more prototyping/renderings.
handmade model for presentation - left in primer so color would not interfere with concept at this time.
prototypes and models
Daniel J. Lipscomb
lead industrial designer fiskars brands, inc. Madison, WI