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Idea Heaven Ads - Trade ads for marketing and advertising staffing company.
Hyatt Gold Passport Ads - Magazine ads developed for international publication for Hyatt Hotels CRM program.
Mother's Against Drunk Driving Campaign - Magazine ads help change perception of non-profit organization by recognizing the difference between bad drunks (we all know them) and good drunks who don't drive. Video game was developed to illustrate the point. As the alcohol level goes up in the bottom left hand corner the car becomes more difficult to control.
Acura 3.2TL Ad Campaign - Using research showing Acura buyers see themselves as more distinctive, this campaign focuses on intrigue and proposes the idea of how someone could buy the luxury sedan the wanted and still have money in their pocket.
Data Return Ads for Wired Magazine - MHOne is a new server/storage solution in the enterprise - medium market arena that provides an adaptive use of space and speed based on immediate needs.
Essilor Thin & Lite Trade Ads - Focused on Eye Care Professionals, these ads urge the doctors to 'Help prevent Proboscis Indentious Syndrome,' by encouraging the use of the lightest, thinnest glasses lenses available.
Genentech Employee Enrollment Guide - This brochure for one of the worlds largest genetic research companies was sent to it's employees, describing the changes in their insurance and benefit programs, and encourages them to take action by enrolling in a new plan.
Playstation Underground Direct Mail - Trying to reach an elite group of gamers, this direct mail postcard uses thermocromatic ink to disguise it's message. Once the person holds the card, the heat in their hands renders the overprinted black thermo ink transparent and reveals the hidden invitation to be a part of an elite gaming group.
Point of Balance Magazine Ads - Magazine ads for international motorcycle stunt team based in Dallas, Texas. Group is focused on getting stunt riding off the streets and into professional xgame style competitions.
Park Cities Bank Print Campaign - Advertising a local bank with a personal touch.
Music CD Design - CD design for artist Trent Walton
NEC Package Design - Packaging for nex 2200 NEC phone
Runner's World Direct Mail
Verizon POS
Runner's World Direct Mail
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Hal Riley
Creative Director | Designer | User Experience Director Dallas, TX