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See Like A Fish

In order to maintain our current technological status, today’s kids need to be inspired to pursue careers in science and engineering. The Discovery Space Museum of Central Pennsylvania recognizes this need, and provides fun educational exhibits that engage children in science. Our team has constructed a new exhibit for the museum that will encourage learning in the STEM fields.
The See Like A fish exhibit is comprised of two components. One component is a pair of PVC elbow joints with mirrors mounted on the corners, which will be called periscopes for the purposes of this paper. The other component, called the “Aquarium”, is an aluminum box with two periscopes mounted inside. The exhibit is expected to teach children about a fish’s vision and principals of reflecting light. For them, it’s fun to play with, but it also portrays simple scientific concepts.

Harlan Chernoff
Mechanical Engineer at Alcoa Bettendorf, IA