Designing for the Incomplete Human (talk)

A snapshot of my talk on design, technology & futurism. I've given this presentation at several public forums, usually to design strategy / innovation audiences. They seem to love it.

Designing for the Incomplete Human

An introduction to evolved human biases and their place in the convergence of contemporary art, design, technology and biology.

In modern design, it's tempting and efficient to view people as homogeneous unthinking consumers. But before someone begins to interact with a product or service, they - and its designers - must contend with everything from biological limitations, cognitive and cultural bias, even evolutionary psychology.

The human landscape is constantly shifting as technology shapes our perceptions and expectations, while scientists articulate, with ever more clarity, what makes us tick. As technological evolution has exploded, our own biological progress - hampered by innate biases - has been overtaken. We need to be creative to keep up.

Harry Kontos
Senior UI/UX Designer and Design Anthropologist Melbourne, Australia