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A Footless Shoe

After some deep introspection I understood the reasoning behind the making of these objects and came to the conclusion that All that created or would ever create was an illusion, a fake. What I was doing, was copying the natural order but no matter how hard I tried I could not "actually" create a thing. Like Dr Frankenstein my pursuit was unachievable and as I understood that my creations were fake. I started to understand what fakeness meant to me, Things that were hollow devoid of any true substance are what jumped into my mind and so I created another cube this one made of 10 bricks instead of 4 and carved the exterior into a rock shape. After making this form it dawned on me that nobody could comprehend the hollowness of this form so I subtracted one brick so as to let the viewer look in and find the nothingness I wanted to express through this piece.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom