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Hollow Foundations

If the object of the exercise is to render an object dysfunctional, then it seems of utmost importance for the "object" to retain some of its defining qualities - so that the "object" can still be referred to as the "object". That being the case all manipulation of the terracotta brick was done while also taking into consideration that the brick still resembled a brick even though 70% of its mass had been extracted out of it using the subtraction method.
While playing inside the rectangular dimensions of the brick I hoped to make it so that the "object" was in direct contrast of the properties of the original brick, where the brick was strong this "object" was fragile, where the brick was solid the "object" was hollow, where the brick was heavy this "object" was lighter. still the "object" resembled a brick. My mind came up with the word brick skin. This composition of four of these objects together reminded me of the foundation of a pillar and so i titled it "Hollow Foundations"

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom