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"In short, I was afraid"

"In short, I was afraid"
Medium. Ground up Terracotta Bricks
Year. 2016

By using a grinder I first reduced an ordinary terracotta brick in to the finest powder imaginable. Then after collecting the fine powder I passed it through a mold of the same exact dimensions as a brick. Then applied compression onto the brick powder to get it to hold together. So the powder retains its shape and does not break apart unless a noticeable amount of force is applied even though the powder has no binder or any concealed internal structure. This piece was open to human interaction and due to the touch of visitors the powder began to lose form and a visible decay was seen which to me seemed similar to human decomposition as the loss of functionality became ever so apparent as the "brick" was reduced to a pile of fine dust particles.

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Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom