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"Of vast formless things" 1+2

"Of vast formless things" 1+2
Medium. Terracotta Bricks and Mortar
Year. 2016

Made over a period of One month, both of the structures are hollow, This makes the sculptures infinitely fragile. As the bricks have been grinded to an inch worth of thickness. That is exactly what I wanted to represent through these forms that what you see is not what you necessarily get. The bricks are linked together with mortar and convey strength from the outside but that is an illusion kind of how society is structured, that also is a very fragile concept that fails under the effect of an external force. Through these structures I believe I have shown society and how its various elements come together and fit in so well and how even though all logic dictates that it shall fail it stands resolute in the face of absolute destruction.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom