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One Hundred Bricks

I tried to the best of my ability to replicate nature. By taking apart the physical dimensions of the brick to destroy my own preconceived notion of a "brick" and create something that represented nature itself (stones), ones you would find by the river side because I saw in them the entire drama of nature played out so well. How water and time shape the stones, soften the sharp corners and all that without a grand display ,a sort-of sweet destruction. I started to see the contrast between these and the bricks that backdropped the very world I lived in. It became apparent to me that even though the base components of bricks were natural they were anything but, seeing them as the epitome of human creation, I took apart 100 bricks and carved them into stones, until only the color of the stones reminded me that these were still bricks. I made a Pyramid as it was the easiest way to stack them and took only half the space.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom