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The sketchbook on my walls

Everybody sleeps and most everyone dreams. Unfortunately for me as life is, at the moment I can't . Whether I can dream but forget them in the daylight or if I can not dream at all is of no consequence to me. At the end of the day, dreams are simply not my forte. So I create art to fill the blank space.
The paintings above are a sketch book of sorts as I have a habit of not really keeping a sketchbook I see painting as an opportunity to be as illustrative as I want. The themes and content of these paintings has no correlation other than the fact that I created them all. I will keep updating this gallery af often as I can. if you like the paintings I'm very grateful but understand that I do not consider these as exhibition quality work rather see these works as a form of respite from Three Dimensionality of my studio practice.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom