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Untitled: An Installation Regarding Dust

Untitled: An Installation Regarding Dust
Medium. Ground Up Terracotta Bricks
Year. 2016
I simply coated the surface of my studio floor in the red dust terracotta powder and the removed the various objects placed in the way to create negative impressions in the powder and the space that was devoid of the red dust stood out due to the contrast and the Absence of the objects was so palpable and so It felt to me that I was having a dialogue on absence and presence. In their Absence these objects seemed so poignant. what were the objects that were placed here and why these particular objects is what the viewer questioned. The marks become ever so important after connecting this piece to Brian O'Doherty's, Inside the white cube : the ideology of the gallery. As this is no common floor but the floor of the NCA sculpture studio which during the thesis becomes the gallery floor and even though it is just dust in this specific context it becomes much more than what it was.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom