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Unwanted Scraps

Unwanted Scraps
Medium. Latex, Iron Rebar & Wire mesh
Circa. 2016
Little bits and pieces fuse together to make something monumental, something solid, something concrete. If the putrid flesh did not decay and vanish of the street but sat forever in-front of our eyes a constant reminder of our careless indulgence. The world would be a bit different. Would we maybe, be a bit more cautious picking up another knife, slitting yet another throat. The world in my view is in need of a mother, one who will not let anyone get up without finishing their meals, vegetables and all and wont stand for scraps being thrown under the table. Because someone somewhere needs every little bit. My work is about waste and how it builds up in to something so much more than itself.

Haseeb Zafar
Student London, United Kingdom