Bab Rizq Jameel
Dar Alwessal - Dar Alwessal is real estate developer, propert manager, and marketer.
Abbar Co. - Abbar is a multi-brand importer, distributer, and retailer focusing on home appliences and electical supplies.
ACIG - ACIG is An Insurance company owned by a group of shareholders and led by the Islamic Development Bank.
Baeshen Co. - Baeshen is a long-time manufacturer of quality tea (e.g. Al Ranea) as well other food-related activities.
Ben Hemd Mosque
Erfan Bagedo Hospital - Erfan Bagedo Hospital is a leading hospital and healthcare provider.
Global Center of Renewal and Guidance (UK) - Global Center of Renewal and Guidance is providing highest quality education programs in the traditional sciences of islam . It is based in London, UK.
Gene Tech - Gene Tech is an importer of medical supplies with focus on fertilization products and equipment.
Hi Zone - Hi Zone is A part of Al Fitahi Telecommunications Group that offers mobile entertainment services.
Sharbatly Fruits - Sharbatly Fruits Is one of the leading fresh fruits importer and distributor.
Sidra Style - Sidra Style is a local fashion designer and retailer.
Esmeralda Town - Esmeralda is a town within King Abdullah Economic City.
Concept 1
Nesma Havatek
Nesma Holding
Nesma Recycling
Saudi Arabia Airlines
Talal Kurdi
Zuhair Fayez
Web Design
Hassan Idris
Web Designer jeddah, Saudi Arabia