Center of Construction Machinery Leasing

We are really glad when our customer wants something extraordinary. But if this customer is busy in leasing of the construction machinery and his final consumers aren’t too willing to accept non-standard, we advise more or less traditional means.

Thus was happened with the Center of Construction Machinery Leasing (CCML). Client set mind on getting away from his competitor’s style, but we understood that we cannot absolutely get away of it. Target audience of CCML should see excavators, mobile cranes and others building machines.

The solution was … construction kits. It absolutely differed from the traditional style of the construction industry and at the same time it’s direct part of it. Although this part reminds us something from childhood, but this fact adds some more attraction and charisma to the serious company CCML.

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Studio Hattomonkey
Hattomonkeystudio Санкт-Петербург, Russia